Friday, January 15, 2010

The Miniature Lightning Box

"The Miniature Lightning Box" is made from the insides of a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) and an old TV flyback transformer. The circuit inside of the CFL can generate high frequency currents that are fed into a high frequency transformer inside the base of the bulb. The high frequency transformer boosts the voltage so the fluorescent bulb can light up. The TV transformer makes high voltage and high frequency current to generate enough electricity to trace the electron beam that lights up the screen. When you take the CFL's transformer and replace the fluorescent bulb for the TV transformer, you can create well over 1,000 volts! this is my version of a high voltage supply/Jacob's Ladder. I love this project because the spring animates along with the electricity.


  1. I bet your neighbours hate you for this one if they like listening to radio and not being on fire.

  2. lol Im really lucky to have the coolest neighbors. what happens when I run my 17 foot radio antenna and listen to Short Wave, They put up with too much!