Friday, July 10, 2009

The Music Box

Michael Schaffer, creator of software program Ardrumo (, was a great help and inspiration for this project, "The Music Box." Michael made an electronic drum kit using foam circles, some sensors, and an Arduino. Then he wrote a program to translate the sensors into Garageband. The result was a complete homemade drumkit DIY style with the option to change the sounds. I took his sensor idea and built it into a cigar box. All the sensors are hidden, so it makes it more of a mystery music box. It is all self-contained, and the options are endless. I have preset sounds like Mozart the Dove singing, my dog barking, and me whistling. So when I tap on a certain side of the box a different sound plays. Happy birthday Nikola Tesla! :)


  1. Say that's really something.

    I'm wondering if the box can be any size ?

  2. You definitely can. It's a matter of how
    thin the box is so the sensors can be triggered.
    the schematics are here:
    Thanks for checking this out !

  3. i can't believe that all those things work. You certainly are a magician man ! waiting for a flying skateboard !