Thursday, July 2, 2009

Think Of A Card Box

"Think Of A Card Box" is made inside of a Griffin's cigar box. There are electronics built inside to make the magic part work properly. When you put a quarter in the slot, the lightbulb lights up and the switches begin to work. With a shuffled pack of cards, you have someone think of one as you pass the cards individually between your hands. At the end of the routine the thought-of card is revealed. I love this piece because it combines woodburning, electronics, and magic. The turning handle also reminds me of old-fashioned music boxes.


  1. awesome awesome awesome. I love this little box Mario. This is exactly the type of gadget i am going to start to build as soon as i get my workshop up and running. I wonder if you would eb able to help me when the time comes in constructing this? its likely to not bee for several months but if i can ping you some time that would be fantastic.

    1. I would love to! @underhill Send me a message when ready , and we could Skype it out . Thank you so much for appreciating my work!